Profession’s risks

Professionally faced

Our experts combine a solid professional preparation with the specific skills required while handling claims, as well as those typical of litigation (civil and penal), providing a complete support that gives Insurers, in addition to the evaluation of the economic damage, the elements useful to evaluate whether the Insured is responsible and to what extent.



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The team

Vering Italia employs a team of over 50 professionals, among them:

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Building Surveyors
  • Industrial Technicians
  • Geologists
  • Agronomists


We are specialized

Type of losses handled


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  Loss in extrajudicial phase

Classic assignments with onsite access for surveys on works subject to professional activity and to inspect the damage claimed. Depending on the needs and autonomy granted by the Insurance Company, reasoning – aimed at defining the settlement of the quantum – can be set with the Insured and the Counterparties.

  Desktop Claims management

It is carried out on a documentary basis, integrating the documentation provided only through contacts with the Insured and, if authorized, with the Counterparty.

  Judicial consultancy (Civil or Penal)

The activity is carried out only by suitably trained experts also with regard to the procedural aspects of the Law (often the professionals/experts acts as Court Appointed Experts). The activity is carried out by sharing the expert’s strategies also with the Company’s lawyers.

  Losses on professional indemnity policy in the field of public contract (ex Merloni)

  Patrimonial Liability extension to the public administration employees

Loss management


    • Centralized management


    • Dedicated procedures


    • Assigning from Companies through server or via email


    • Assignment following the analysis of documentation, in function of the activity involved and on the location where the loss occurred


  • When required from the insurance company, an initial communication containing a first request of documentation is sent, through Certified Electronic Email, including – at the same time – the contact details of the loss adjuster assigned.


Activity on the Loss

    1. Analysis of documentation in order to frame the activity;


    1. Verification of possible error of the Insured;


    1. Correspondence of the activity in the policy;


    1. Check possible exceptions;


    1. Updates;


    1. Dedicated loss adjusting forms with technical attachments;


    1. Review by senior experts;


  1. Consistency of formats throughout Italy. Format customizable according to the needs of the Company.